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Episode 4

‘The Constabulum’ af’

The Fer’Aether Umbrerence

Aboard ‘The Piester Del Toirre’ –

enroute n’ back rounst’ t’ Ecliption City.

‘Well, s’is nice t’ know you own a transetter more splent than thet cold feckery af’ a thing you Gronter Fixxater s’is, Ms. Vintnerhendrall,” said Eliza Motif.

The Vaxon sat spupping Fiddlers Trumpitt inst splent surrounds af’ ‘The Piester Del Toirre’ ‘cross from her genfar, Einslow Barbierre.

S’were others aboard for the run t’ Ecliption City.

Einslow cont’ued onst’ verbaliste, ‘Hm. So, your plan, wymfar, if I am hearing you with trucial audiblism,‘s’is t’ take our Ecliption City n’ squeeze the gimption out af’ its penethers. Kill off its schmeck … so t’ speak.’

The Amnastad clindacteurre geeged her hi’mereterier n’ eased bang af’ her white blohondener from her dial,

‘Einslow, you make it sound so bombanistique – s’is no need for it t’ be a downthard thing at all …’

‘Wymfar, it fullweller comes across as tho’, does it not? I have seen your collection cryonotiate weaponry. You plan t’ bomb any revolt against your swaye inst’t’ Ecliption?’ said Einslow. ‘S’is af’ obvium.’

‘They are intrerespectional reassurance thet this job will be done - s’is all,’ said Ms. Vintnerhendrall.

The transetters ‘Work’ brought wheeler tray round with assortment af’ sugarren iced biscuit n’ poderchoccen-caffenite domecaken.

‘I shall take a fanciful, wymfar, tho’ do not think for a moment thet I am not perjointed with my genfar inst his tone onst all this,’ said The Vaxon grabbing 1One af’ every each sweetery. ‘It does sound like you are t’ try n’ swoop the streets n’ rob my dearest Ecliption af’ its beautifique baulst, tho’.’

‘It’s beautifique baulst?’ cherled Ms. Vintnerhendrall. ‘S’is thet same beautifique baulst thet gave you The Sect af’ Murhurderer Despersement. Caused The Staunchian En’Flux t’ uproot from their crumbling fortress inst’ The Terra Quoil Planes t’ try n’, albeit badly n’ unrightly, stem the flowe af’ a city out af’ control. T’ have a quiet glot like The Sisterhood af’ The Obstainiatory Ordinent take with herrier af’ The En’Flux at all? T’ have the city’s hard bredner, ‘Steamer’Coalant’Phestion Work, drop spanner n’ tool n’ take t’ the overrioter n’ be ebliterated?’

‘I hear your pointe, wymfar, tho-‘

Einslow s’was cut off.

Ms. Vintnerhendrall raised her hand t’ halt him n’ did not geeg for 1Once. ‘Do you tho’ Einslow Barbierre! You are about t’ return t’ a city inst’ hevel! What you 2Two both left behind s’is being noted as ‘The Graetest Clinketerial Massacre af’ All n’ Aegion’!’

Einslow flung his hand, ‘inst’ which you were quite the devestationaliste part af’, wymfar! Let us not forget thet!’

Smoggener n’ towerner roovener af’ Ecliption City loomed inst’ the outscance. Journey s’was about t’ end.

Conversium had phezzled.

The Vaxon chewed biscuit.

Ms. Vintnerhendrall had the last saye, ‘

‘Regardless, Einslow Barbierre, I think it hi’time for ‘The Constabulum’ af’

The Fer’Aether Umbrerence’ t’ come inst’ n’ rein control.’

‘The Piester Del Toirre’, turned slightwaye east t’ward Geigers Airfield t’ land.



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