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Hellsmoor' - A Deadly Wave af' Penchantment.

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Penchantment – noun

T’ act on any sordid urge.

Master Einslow Barbierre n' Eliza Motif live in many ways an existence af' the privileged - af' eld money, af' venture, af' fight, af' opportunity n' slick thievery. Af' love n' lust.


A world without standard law.

Only the law af' character, af' will. Common decency n' judgement lay in the hands af' the individual.

In Hellsmoor, any wymfar or genfar who exercise Penchantment will have crossed a murky line into hi'eville n' peril.

N' there is a rise in acts af' Penchantment in Hellsmoor’.

Ever the opportunist, Einslow Barbierre sees these acts in their infancy - such is his way. He senses trouble.

A new drug is being introduced t' the streets of Hellsmoor’. The drug triggers the act of Penchantment. The NNA - The New Nockrity Alchemistry, are the herrible alliance behind it – spreading ingestion n' infestation thru' out. Everyday citizens af' Hellsmoor’ are soon committing all sorts of bizarre n' deadly deeds. Einslow n' Eliza learn af' the deadly goings af' The New Nockrity Alchemistry, n' undertake a rather dangerous jaunt t' bring them down.

Will they be able t' tho?

Not all in Hellsmoor' works out for the better now does it?


Coming Early 2024!
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